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Our doors are currently CLOSED to new wedding supplier applications to join The Guide Directory Subscription at present. However, please pre-register your interest and be the first to be notified as soon as we open for applications again.

We aim to hold 3-4 new wedding supplier intakes per year and notify all pre-registered suppliers as soon as we confirm the go-live intake date.


  • Are you looking to position your wedding business as a specialist within the boho weddings arena?
  • Are you looking to generate more leads from your boho-inspired target wedding audience?
  • Are you looking to grow your community of fellow suppliers and increase your referral circle network?

Then read on and find out how our subscription can help you!

What is The Guide Directory Subscription?

The Guide Directory Subscription offers a leads generating service for wedding suppliers that want to focus their business into the Boho Weddings Arena. As well as your very own business profile sitting on our super stylish Directory Pages, The Guide Directory Subscription offers so much more!

From my experience in setting up and running my own wedding floral design business, I know where I struggled as a small business owner. I realised if I had more help in certain areas, earlier on my wedding business journey, I could have maximised my earning potential much faster.

I have therefore put this experience to good use, together with my background in corporate training, coaching and people development to build a service that really does enable you to:

  • attract your boho-inspired target wedding audience
  • grow your confidence to become the face of your business
  • expand your supplier network and gain a community that supports you in your ventures
  • and ultimately build a sustainable, fulfilling and profitable wedding business that enables you to live your best life!


Who is The Guide Directory Subscription for?

Before I tell you all about the benefits of joining The Guide Directory Subscription, let me tell you who the subscription is designed for.

Our wedding supplier 'leads generating' subscription is for small business owners that are looking to:

  • expand their reach on social media and via their network to new couples planning their boho-inspired wedding.
  • improve their confidence and become the face of their wedding business online.
  • grow their network of suppliers who also have the same 'boho -soul' target audience.
  • position their wedding business in the boho weddings arena as an expert within their field of wedding expertise.


How Do We Help Our Approved Suppliers?

The Guide Directory Subscription Benefits - In Detail…

1. Benefit from your very own Social Media Cheerleader!
As well as your bimonthly exclusive grid and stories feature with us. You will also receive ongoing love through our social media channels. We will like, share and comment on your content, and expose your fabulous wedding business to our boho inspired couples on their wedding planning journey.

2. Get Involved in the 9 Approved Supplier Visibility Activities
We want to help you build that all important ‘know like and trust factor’ amongst wedding planning couples out there, as well as improve your Google rankings via backlinks from The Boho Bride Guide website.

As an approved supplier on The Guide Directory Subscription, you can also get involved in the following visibility activities to increase your online presence.

  • The 10 Question Tea Break with… Interview
  • Take a Tour with… Interview
  • Approved Supplier Showcase Social Media Post
  • Share a Love Story Blog & Social Media Post
  • Top Tips from The Wedding Experts Guest Blog Features Social Media Post
  • Submit your Shoot or Real Wedding
  • Send us Content You are Proud of
  • Tag us to engage with your content
  • NEW! Approved Supplier Community Facebook Group Launching April 2022!

3. Join the Boho Supplier Referral Circle Meet-Up.
A monthly online meet-up for boho-inspired wedding suppliers to connect, build trusting relationships and expand your referrals and ‘Recommended Supplier’ list that will increase your wedding client enquiries from each other.

4. Your Directory Profile.
Your wedding business will sit amongst our super stylish & exclusive online The Guide Directory - 'Where Bohemian Souls Find Their Dream Wedding Team'.

Your wedding business will benefit from:

  • exclusive access to our approved supplier online portal, where you can manage and update your own wedding business profile in real time.
  • upload up to 7 images or up to 2 videos & 5 Images to showcase your work, as well as the opportunity for a comprehensive write up of up to 500 words.
  • direct social media & website links from your profile, as well as the ability to showcase wedding couple testimonials.
  • priority featuring rights for any boho inspired collaboration shoots or real weddings that fit our blog aesthetic.

Our Payment Options

Monthly Subscription


  • Minimum subscription of 3 months
  • Payment via Direct Debit

Yearly Subscription


  • Single payment in full
  • 10% Discount of your Yearly Subscription

So, if you are ready to:
  • position your business as a specialist with the boho weddings arena.

  • grow your network of fellow suppliers that are able to recommend you to new couples planning their boho-inspired wedding day.

  • increase your online visibility and build that ‘know, like and trust factor' with a new boho-inspired target wedding audience.

  • improve your website Google rankings and get found by boho couples browsing the web.

  • Take us up on continuous opportunities to increase your wedding business visibility through our exclusive visibility activities on offer to our approved suppliers.
PRE-REGISTER NOW Please note, we have a limited number of suppliers per admission opening, therefore it will be on a first come first serve basis.

What we are looking for

1. Environmentally Sustainable Work Practises

We look to represent suppliers who demonstrate environmentally friendly and sustainable work practises. We want to see small businesses who are always looking to improve their impact on our planet through aspects such as; traceable supply chains, waste management, choosing sustainable materials and work practises, and reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

2. Over Deliver

We love to see evidence of how our suppliers are exceeding their wedding clients expectations through the service and products they deliver.

3. Advocate Representation

Our mission is to create a UK Boho Wedding Scene that is truly inclusive and accurately represents the beautiful diversity of humanity across the UK. We love to work with suppliers that champion this approach, and in turn, empower the couples they work with, to love who they are, what they stand for and feel a sense of belonging towards the Boho-Inspired Wedding scene.

4.Highly Regarded

We love to feature wedding suppliers that are highly regarded amongst both their fellow suppliers, as well as their previous happy wedding clients.

What Our Suppliers Say

Jacki Clement from Wild Blessing Ceremonies Cornwall

‘Becoming an approved supplier has given me the opportunity to attend the monthly Boho Supplier Referral Circle Online Meet-Up with other suppliers that also serve the boho-inspired wedding community.
It has enabled me to connect with other like minded wedding business owners, start to grow new relationships and find ways we can support one another and work together in our ventures to grow our businesses. I quickly saw that I was not alone and there were others feeling similar to me so we can be a wonderful support for each other.’

Bryony Marriott from Pretty Vintage Hire

‘Jen, thank you so much for all your hard work running The Guide Directory and Boho Supplier Referral Circle.
It is lovely to be part of such a welcoming and supportive group, and you cheerlead us all on so well too, it’s amazing!

One of my many couple enquiries via The Guide Directory has lead to an order last weekend so your efforts are very much appreciated!’

Sally Jackson from My Wedding God Mother

‘I'm a new wedding business owner, and before joining The Guide Directory Subscription, I knew very few people in the wedding industry.
I loved having the opportunity to be interviewed by Jen about my business on the '10 Question Tea Break', which both built my confidence and increased my visibility amongst couples planning their boho-inspired wedding.

In the 3 months since joining I have met lots of people involved in the wedding industry and have been given some valuable connections.
One of which is with a photographer who is going to include me in a styled shoot, and have also been added to someone's recommended supplier list.’